George Inglis
Photo: David Muir

Who is George Inglis?

George Inglis is a Dartmouth based head shot photographer with a fascination for researching and developing photographic styles and techniques.  His goal in every project is to capture more than the obvious.  He strives to find and showcase the personality and essence of the people and places he shoots.

His photography journey began as a kid messing around with his Dad’s 35mm film cameras and developing photos with his older brother in the make-shift darkroom at home.  Growing up as a Lego kid he’s always been interested in building things from an idea.  He applies the same approach to his photography to tell a story by capturing that special something about each of his clients.

When not shooting for a project or self assignment, George is busy trying to capture shots of his twin boys…together.  It’s harder than you think!  You might also see (and hear) him ripping around on his third child, his vintage Vespa.

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