Glenora Distillery Shoot

Glenora Distillery Shoot

I had recently gone on a two day assignment to Cape Breton for a tourism project.  My job was to capture images of unique tourism experiences in the Inverness area.  The highlight of the job was being able to shoot in the warehouses of Glenora Distillery.  Admittedly I’m more of a bourbon drinker but there’s something special about being in a warehouse full of scotch casks, some almost 20 years old.


The warehouse is a long building with two large garage doors at each end.  The far end was heavily back lit and there were no lights so all the ambient light was coming from the two opens doors.  Barrels lined each side of the warehouse with one positioned in the middle isle for private tastings.

The Concept

The concept was to take a shot that portrayed the experience of being in the unique environment.  The subject drawing from the cask was to be the focus of the shot however it was important the space was also included.

Main Light

I positioned the subject camera right and over the barrel.  The main light was a 28″ Wescott Softbox with a Nikon SB910 speedlight, power set at 1/4.  I started with this light to get the proper exposure on the subject and barrel in the foreground.

Hair Light

To separate the subject from the background I added a Nikon SB600 speedlight with a Rogue 45 degree grid to direct the light to the side of the subjects head.

Background Lighting

Rather than battling the heavy natural light coming in the back door I turned to the right and used the barrels as the background.  I wanted to use a little of the natural light coming through to light the barrels however it wasn’t strong enough to light the barrels in the foreground.  To help I added another Nikon SB600 speedlight at an 1/8 power at a direction towards the camera.

Below is a diagram showing light, camera, and subject position.

Thanks to Doug Davis and Daniel McLean of Glenora Distillery and Elaine Muise of ItFitz Marketing.

Don’t forget to comment, let me know if you have any questions and/or feedback on the shot or notes above.