High Key Natural Light Portrait

High Key Natural Light Portrait

Here’s a simple setup high key portrait with window light and a white reflector. Using a white reflector on a light stand behind the subject as a background I had him face the camera and the large window. With my metering set to spot I was able to blow out the background to white and property expose the subjects face.

What’s this reflector thing you’re talking about?

photography-reflectorA reflector is a flexible, usually round shaped material that comes in a variety of colors.  Silver, white, and gold are most common but they can come in green, black and translucent. Five-in-one reflectors allow you to change the reflective color to suite the situation. If you don’t have a reflector a piece of white foam core will do the trick.

Catch Lights

The telltale way of finding out how a shot was lit is to look in the eyes to see the light source. In this case you can see the specular highlights from the window light and my reflection in the subjects eyes.


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    Thanks Keyleigh,
    To be honest it takes me a long time to write a post, writing is not a strong point of mine. For my photography I take a lot of notes during the shoot to refer to later, not only for blogging but for later reference. I find this helps with producing some of the content for the article. My photography blog is not only for sharing my experiences during a shoot but to provide experience in writing. It’s an ongoing task for me still. I’ll write a post and revisist/rewrite it a number of times before I decide to publish. The goal of my posts is to not only share my insight into the post but to provide the details and instruction for someone to replicate the shot (or something similar). Determining an end goal for your post may help you develop the content. Hope that helps, thanks for the comments.

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