We’ve exceeded our goal for Autism NS!

We’ve exceeded our goal for Autism NS!

I want to thank everyone who participated in the Autism Nova Scotia Headshot Fundraiser. The goal was to shoot a minimum of 20 people and raise $1000. In the end 24 people participated and we raised close to $1,500 for Autism NS.

When I thought about doing this fundraiser I didn’t have a strong reason why I chose $1,000 as a target. Twenty people seemed like an attainable goal. Half way through the fundraiser I contemplated my monitory goal and wondered if it would make a difference. So I asked Autism NS.

What I learned was $1000 can cover things like sending two kids with autism to camp this summer with necessary, individualized support or help pay a good piece of social and community inclusion programming like social groups. I also learned that the smallest donation has significant impact for organizations like Autism NS. Check out the Autism Nova Scotia website to see all the support services, events, and programs they offer.

All proceeds will be donated to Autism NS. Thank you again to all those who participated.